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Bipolar Disorder

Good Afternoon to all. I am a veteran aged 59 years from Kerala retired from regular army during Feb 2007. I had multiple episodes of Mania onset during Apr 1996 and finally diagnosed as Manic depressive psychosis, survived with after treated with Lithium. Ater my discharge also had two relapses. During Apr 2018, my doctor instructed to stop alcohol consumption for a permanent solution to contain the illness under medication (Lithium). My SLE levels are to Meq/Ltr. I told him that I cant stop in take of alcohol mostly two to three days a week in moderate and taking lithium 600mg at night. He stopped treating me. I am continuing with my life style and lithium treatment my own since then and fine with the above mentioned lithium level and Creatine. I request my fellow colleagues not to copy me please. Take advise of doctors. I am sure I am neither doing right nor wrong. I am not sure how long this go. I am working with a Financial Company since 2009 and living with wife and two daughers....

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I'm new here!

Hi! I’m Ashley and am new here! I suffer from severe mental health and physical health issues. I am excited to have joined this platform and officially be an “Mighty” lol. I’m pretty unfamiliar with this app/website but I am super hyped to learn the different things to do on here! Because I’m just getting started, does anyone have any tips, some cool things you can do on The Mighty and if you’re a fellow spoonie/dealing with similar issues I do too? Maybe I can make some friends that truly get these struggles…because we all know that nobody gets it like the ones that live it…aka US. I look forward to meeting any future friends!! Again please reply with any helpful information or to let me know of others on here dealing with the same things please!♡

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I’m new here!

Hi, my name is ericthered.
I've had schizophrenia for 5 years my psychiatrist said it was chemically indused from drug use and I was already at risk because schizophrenia runs in my family at first my diagnosis was drug induced psychosis but once I quit drugs and the symptoms stayed it was changed to schizophrenia it has completely ruined my life the meds made me gain weight I don't feel safe to be in public much less work a job I live w my dad I only sometimes hear voices recently but for 4 n a half years it was a everyday occurrence I struggle w thinking the voices are real like it's telepathy my psychiatrist says it's a delusion but it feels so real and three times in the past I've had people have physical reactions to things I only said to them in my head one really prominent she was walking along w a smile on her face and when I thought what I thought towards her she stopped right in front of me gave me a go to hell look and said to me telepathically wtf did you say to me!? then kept walking and once I was at a friend's house was hearing voices real bad and I heard my friends dad's voice in my head say "the voices are real study quantum entanglement and the collective consciousness and you'll see it's possible" and he is a really smart educated man but hearing that that night made me think it wasn't just in my head cause I had never before that night heard of either of the subjects he told me to study and if it is auditory hallucinations and all in my head how did my brain come up with something I have never in my life heard of I didn't study them right away I was scared it would prove the voices are real and I'd try to kill myself again but when i stopped hearing them so bad and they were quiter when i did i did study them and scientifficly according to quantum entanglement numorous books ive read by scientists and doctors and interviews watched of top reasearchers on the topic that telepathy is real i wish ida never read into it cause now even when im not hearing them i kinda feel like if theyre real i need to be hearing them even tho when i do they to do they torment me anyone else here struggle with this? if so any tips or tricks to ease my mind and help me move on to what's become a major obstacle in my life?

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In the loop

I've been terribly disconnected for the last few days. I fell into a loop of making gifs and short videos, but I'm slowly getting over it. I even started TikTok to have a place to post my crappy creations. It doesn't amuse me as much anymore and I wonder if I'm embarrassing myself in front of others. For a moment I became an artist, or rather a pseudo-artist 🫤 I'm probably not talented, but that's what happens to me when I get fixated on a certain topic or activity. Now I'll take care of the phone, because the memory is all messed up, it's almost full. I hope things are going well for you. I wish you all a peaceful Saturday.
#Schizophrenia #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #PTSD #Addiction #Psychosis

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New to the group

Hello, I'm new to the group and this app! I have bipolar 1 with psychotic features when I'm manic, anxiety, and newly PTSD. I just got over a very severe manic/psychotic episode where I was rapid cycling and destroying my life for nearly a year. I was off my meds and using some recreational drugs that just made things worse. All to chase the mania. It was so scary and resulted in me losing all that I had (car, apartment, jobs, friends, community I had been building since a similar episode where I was diagnosed). At this point I'm starting over, living at home in my late 20s and feel relatively shameful and guilty about it. Would love some words of wisdom or encouragement from anyone who has done through something similar #ManicEpisode #Psychosis #recovering

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Untreated Psychosis

I realize most people don’t talk about psychosis. But it is a very important thing and topic. Untreated psychosis is incredibly damaging and traumatic to the brain.

In the cold winter of 2006 I experienced a severe psychotic break. I tossed my medication down the toilet and I lost a lot of weight. I almost died.

My mom and sister drove me to a wonderful hospital where I was treated with medication and love and support.

I have been on this medication for almost twenty years taking a bimonthly injection of Risperdal Consta every two weeks for almost twenty years. I have called in my prescription and picked it up and driven to the office where it was administered. I have done this for hundreds of shots. I have not missed one single shot. In fact I have a name for the nurse who gives it to me: Shot Queen.

I will always have to be on medication and there is no cure yet. I understand that this is a chronic illness that I deal with daily.

But I am a warrior and I will never give up. My recovery is worth fighting for!!

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Thoughts on Thirty

So you could say I’ve been freaking out a bit about turning *whispers* thirty *whispers*. For those who’ve seen Friends, I’ve been doing a Rachel. For those who haven’t, where have you been?

I’m not ashamed about that. It feels as though I’m leaving my youth behind, although I have always been a child trapped in an older persons body so I don’t think one birthday is going to change that anytime soon.

Plus, thirty is a milestone in itself. When I was a little girl I imagined I’d have my dream career by 21, a husband and all that stuff just ~sorted~. You know, it would come naturally to me. Like most things did back then. But as I grew older and the anxiety and trauma set in I found it harder and harder to imagine that life for myself and I never, ever pictured me at thirty. I just never thought I’d make it here. I’ve had a lot of hardship in my life and for a while I thought it would stop me from continuing with life itself. But I’m here, and I’m grateful.

Putting me aside for a second, there is a wider societal pressure around turning thirty. If you don’t have kids, married and in a seemingly total secure place in your dream career then you apparently aren’t succeeding at life. Well that’s not the case. Everyone grows at their own rate. Life happens at different speeds to different people. We shouldn’t compare one another in these arbitrary ways.

For me personally, my twenties have been a mixed bag. Unconventional, some may say. I’ve spent more time in relationships than I’ve been single. I don’t regret that but I’m glad I’m taking the time to just be me now. Even though those relationships never turned into anything it doesn’t mean I didn’t value them or that I haven’t learned anything from them because I do and I did. Each one has made me into a better person and I thank them for that. Most of them anyway.

Just like men, I’ve had good friends and I’ve had bad friends. Heck I’ve been a good friend and a bad friend but I’ve always tried to be as authentic as possible with people. I’ve wasted some time with some friends but I can’t say I haven’t had fun along the way. Just because something doesn’t last doesn’t mean it was pointless. I’ll be honest, there have been times when I don’t know why friendships have ended. At times it has felt like I’ve been cut out of peoples lives and then they’ve wanted me back when it suits them. I know sometimes people just simply outgrow each other but sometimes there is more to it than meets the eye. Even if they don’t want to admit it. Still, it doesn’t mean either one is less worthy - just less honest and willing to communicate.

There are many things I’m proud of hitting thirty. I’ve been in and out of hospital more times than I can count but I have managed to stay out since 2021 and remain stable. I have managed to secure my own home, renovate and decorate it with the help of family. Now my house is my haven and I hate leaving it because it is so gorgeous and cosy and beautiful. Saying that, maintaining it is a job in itself that should be applauded. I am continuing focusing on my writing and putting something in the bank each day.

Not only do I have severe mental health problems, but I live with chronic physical illness too. I am learning more and more about my illnesses each day which can help manage them a bit better but they flare up under stress and I am sensitive to stress. It is all a big balancing act but I am in more control of it than ever. I have a good routine and if anything gets me out of that routine I am done for. I know I will have to live with this forever but knowing that I can somewhat manage it to the best of my ability is somewhat comforting.

Heck surviving your twenties is simply a feat in itself without all this illness and trauma so I am extremely proud of myself for being where I am today. But it is a double edged sword. I am not married and without kids, there is a stigma towards people like me. I don’t have a traditional job. Where am I going in life some may ask. Well the truth is if you asked me a couple of years ago where I’d be in a few years times I’d have said I thought I’d still be living at home, at one point I thought I’d be on the streets or homeless in some way like I have been in the past and many times I thought I’d be dead because I couldn’t take the idea of being homeless again.

What I am looking forward to about my thirties is feeling confident in my own skin. As I progressed through my twenties I got this feeling more and more as in my teens and early twenties I used to feel so hung up on my body it got me feeling so depressed I had to go to the doctors. Now I really do love the skin I’m in. I see my body as a vessel. My body is strong and it has carried me through so much hardship and it will continue carrying me through until the day I die. I am so thankful to my body. I just wanna give her a big hug.

It just shows, where I am now is miles away from where I thought I would be. I have come so far in such a short space of time. I think turning thirty has made me reflect on my life and made me think about what I want from it, and the main thing is stability. My life isn’t the same as most other thirty year olds, and that’s okay. I have to do what works for me, and if people don’t understand then they weren’t worth having around in the first place. #Anxiety #Fear #Psychosis #Bipolar #MentalHealth #Stigma #bodyconfidence

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Years ago I came across this powerful phrase: Don't let the world make you bitter, be better ✨️

At that point in time I was bitter at how much I had lost. My teenage years were wasted in a hospital post surgeries and I was in a wheelchair and in so much pain, a LOT more than I had ever experienced. I was 15 and after school when my friends got to have fun, I had to go to physical therapy. I did love exercising so that wasn't what I was disenchanted with.
I saw these adults struggling and wincing in pain. They are weak! I thought in anger.

And then I saw this old lady who couldn't walk she hurt so bad she sobbed and they brought out a wheelchair for her since it was too painful. In that moment I saw myself. I had been there too. My mom had said "suck it up Tierra" "sometimes you just got to fake it til you make it"
Those phrases cost me so much. When she finally had bad pain, I told her the exact same thing, suddenly her attitude changed and she was much more charitable when it came to my pain. But that is a story for another day.

After watching that old lady hurt so bad, it hit me how awful I had been -even if it was only in my head. Later that day I came across that quote: Don't let the world make you bitter, be better!
I felt like it changed my DNA it was so perfectly timed! God helping change me for good ❤️

Don't let the world teach you to be cruel, because YOU are better than that. Dare to be optimistic and positive and spreading kindness around!

Have The Audacity To Hope 💕✨️✨️💖

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