4 Things You Can Do as You Wait for Your Diagnosis

Waiting for a diagnosis while symptoms persist is dreadful, so I’ve compiled a list of tips that have helped me get through the waiting period.

1. Reach out to fellow fighters.

Message other people going through a similar situation. I like to write letters to chronic illness pen pals by reaching out through Instagram!

2. Record any change in symptoms and emotions.

It’s important to keep all of your doctors up to date and in the loop, so recording any observations about your health is going to be very beneficial to both you and your medical team.

3. Stay positive.

I know everyone says this. But it really is going to help your mental health while you wait for answers. I like to do this by doing yoga in bed. It gives me time to meditate and calm myself, because stressing out will not speed up the diagnosing process.

4. Do things you enjoy.

Although it may feel like a slow period of your life, it is still time. Fill it with what you’d like to be doing! Have movie nights, paint, craft, talk to friends, take a bath, or read some books.

As you find your diagnosis, don’t forget – you can find lots of support on organization pages for your illness. Articles, support groups, and information are all available! My favorites are: dysautonomiainternational.org, stopchildhoodpain.org, and conquerchiari.org.

You got this!

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