The Problem With the Way NRA Spokeswoman Dana Loesch Addressed Mental Health

I wish I could write some eloquent, meaningful essay about the way that the NRA representative and president of our country have said disparaging things about individuals who struggle with mental health issues.  However, I have been so glued to the news and lacking sleep that this might wind up being one big long ramble — my apologies. If you put all politics aside, calling people who must have some issues “crazy” and “nuts” is ridiculous (As the NRA spokesperson in the CNN town hall recently did).

Yes, when mass shootings happen by young males, everyone is quick to blame either guns or mental health. I am sure it is a combination of both along with a whole host of other issues… however, putting that aside, labeling problems that way only further stigmatizes an already sensitive issue.  Maybe the reason some people never tried to seek treatment or talk about their problems is because they didn’t want their peers to think they were “crazy” or “nuts.”

Then to add insult to injury, the President of the United States thinks we should just bring back more institutions. Let’s just lock away all people with mental illness while your at it… you never know when they might “snap” (Please sense my sarcasm here). The final straw is he thinks his solution is going to stop the “savage sickos.” There’s one for the books.

After working in education for about seven years I have run across my share of children and teens who struggle with depression or anxiety. I am just hoping those same kids aren’t anywhere near the news when this garbage is spouted out.

Please share with your children that their issues do not make them “crazy” or any less of a person. Tell them frequently in case they are getting the incorrect messages elsewhere.

This post is not about politics. It’s not about who or what is to blame. It’s about treating an illness for what it is — an illness. It’s also about treating a group of individuals with the dignity and respect they deserve…

Screenshot via CNN

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