What Would My Life Look Like If I Wasn't Sick?

What would my life be like if I was not ill? I have often pondered this question. I wonder if things would be quite different. I assume my school years would not have been so difficult. Maybe I would have had more friends and not been alone so much. Maybe it would have been easier for me to learn. Maybe my parents would not have been so strict. Well, that probably would have been the same! I probably would have had children and devoted my time to taking care of them and raising them in a Christian home. I would share with them my love of cooking and creative expression. I would live free of the burden of medications and frequent doctor appointments. I would be able to volunteer in the community and not be slowed by a compromised body.

But do I see my life as being worse because I have been ill since birth? No! It is just different. My school years were fun with the group of friends I had. And no, I don’t have my own children, but I have watched my nieces and nephews grow. I love them like they are mine. I have also volunteered and participated in the growth of other children through my ministry at my church. Yes, I need medication to survive each day but I am still able to function and do things I enjoy, just at a slower pace. In addition, I have a patient husband who loves and cares for me even though I cannot move as quickly as he does!

So I think my life is still pretty great even though I am ill. Actually, it keeps things interesting, that is for sure! Do I wish I did not need medication or a doctor’s constant care? Of course! Do I wish my body would be able to do more in a day? Absolutely! And yes, I have had very low points but I am grateful for those experiences. Those encounters have allowed me to help others and grow emotionally as well as spiritually. My life may not have become what I thought I would be, but that is how my life has turned out and I still love it!

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