14 Memes You Might Enjoy If Your Illness Means You Spend a Lot of Time in Bed

For us chronic illness warriors, days spent resting and recovering in bed can be a frequent occurrence. Though some may see time spent in bed as “fun” or a “vacation,” we know that is far from the truth. Being stuck at home dealing with unpleasant symptoms is definitely not fun, and it can be very difficult emotionally to not be out enjoying the world and partaking in all the activities you love.

While spending a lot of time in bed due to your illness can be challenging and, quite frankly, boring, sometimes one of the best ways to cope is with a little humor. And if you’re like me, being stuck in bed affords you ample opportunity to enjoy all the wacky memes the internet has to offer.

For everyone planning to spend this weekend in the company of pillows and Netflix, this one’s for you.

1. When you’re ready to sleep away the weekend by 5 p.m. on Friday:

dog wearing a robe and lying on the couch with text saying "I love a wild friday night"
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2. When fatigue means your bed is your best friend:

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3. When you wake up and realize your body won’t be cooperating today:

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4. When you still manage to get hurt, even in bed:

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5. When the exhaustion is just too much:

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6. When you finally make it out of bed…:

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7. …And get all the way to the couch:

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8. When you have to spend all your free time recovering in bed:

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9. When one night of sleep just isn’t enough:

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10. When you could potentially crash at any given moment:

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11. When you have a nightly date with your couch:

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12. When people think you’re relaxing in bed but you actually feel more like this:

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13. When getting out of bed today just isn’t happening:

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14. When resting for a few days is actually doing others a favor:

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