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15 Memes That Nail What It's Like Working With a Chronic Illness

Living with a chronic illness can often feel like a full-time job in itself, and many of those who struggle with illness work at a paid job as well. Working can have many benefits, such as money (of course), but also health insurance, social interaction, personal development and a sense of responsibility. For some, work may be an important part of your identity or give you a chance to do something you’re passionate about.

But it can be difficult to keep up with all the responsibilities and expectations of your job when you’re chronically ill and battling symptoms daily. You may struggle to complete tasks because of pain, fatigue or brain fog, or find that your job takes up 100 percent of your energy – leaving you unable to participate in other areas of life as much as you would like.

Every chronic illness warrior’s situation is unique, and we all have different and valid reasons for working or not working – whether this decision is made due to choice or necessity. Just because someone works (whether it’s part-time or full-time) that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re “fine” or “not really sick.”

Life with chronic illness can be tough, and working with a chronic illness can be quite challenging. Sometimes the best way to cope with all the stress and exhaustion though is just to laugh. So, if you’re in need of a little humor to help you get through work and any symptoms you’re dealing with today, here are some memes you might enjoy.

1. When your symptoms are flaring but you still have to go into work:

work has me like... with a young girl staring into a cannon
via @Jokideo123 Twitter

2. When you’re too fatigued and brain-fogged to put together a nice outfit:

me at night: 'tomorrow I will wear something nice!' next morning: *man on a bus wearing a trash bag*
via @queenof__memes Instagram

3. When every minute feels like an eternity:

when you think you've been working for four hours and it's only been 17 minutes
via @memeadikt Twitter

4. When the brain fog is hitting hard:

I just stare at my desk, but it looks like I'm working
via @thekwco_ Twitter

5. When you’re barely functioning but still have a job to do:

getting up to go to work like... with a photo of an old, beat-up car getting gas
via @seriousjil Instagram

6. When you feel even more tired after taking a nap in your car at lunch:

exit sign with arrow pointing one way saying 'return to work from lunch' and an arrow pointing to the right saying 'take a half day,' and a car is turning off to the right
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7. When people think because you work you must be “fine”:

jackie chan looking confused
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8. When your symptoms kept you up all night:

when a coworker asks if you're tired and you give them this look... with a photo of the guy from beetlejuice saying 'ya think?'
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9. When your illness results in frequent trips to the bathroom:

when your boss asks you what you've been doing all day, with michael scott from the office saying 'just pooping, you know how I be'
via @PhreeHawk Twitter

10. When you’re counting down the minutes until you can be reunited with your bed:

I'm sitting at work staring at the clock like... with a photo of mr. bean looking bored and impatient
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11. When it’s time for work but it also hurts to move:

me when my alarm goes off for work, with a photo of kim kardashian crying
via @LoveLaylaDesign Twitter

12. When work takes 100 percent of your energy and you just don’t have the spoons to cook:

decided to give this 'meal prep' thing a try. I'm pretty excited! with a photo of five tupperware containers each holding a slice of pizza
via @captainaltron Twitter

13. When your immune system doesn’t function at full capacity:

me, the second I hear someone in the office do a cough.. with a man wearing a hazmat suit in an office
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14. When you’re feeling sick at work but still have to put on a smile:

faking a smile when in pain... with a photo of spongebob smiling really big
via @youngadultswitharthritisplus Instagram

15. When you make it through another workday and get to collapse in bed:

when you see your bed at the end of a long day
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