The Encouraging Message My Friend Sent Me on a Tough Day With Chronic Illness

Friends. They are a gift to have when you are struggling with chronic illness. Especially when they support you unconditionally and are there for you always. I have one special friend who made me feel very special and that isn’t too easy. I suffer from more than just one chronic illness and he knows what I go through because he is one of the first ones I cry to – after my husband of course.

But somehow he always knows exactly what to say and knows exactly what I need to hear. But on one particular day, I was feeling very down and I was having a very bad fibromyalgia flare-up. My body felt like it was on fire and all my joints were hurting to the point where I thought they were going to fall off. I couldn’t walk, but it’s not like I wanted to anyhow. And my migraine was ridiculously out of control.

I reached out to my friend and told him how I was feeling and how much pain I was in. He of course wished he could take it away for me and wished he could do something about it, being that fibromyalgia has no cure at the moment. I told him how this isn’t the life I wanted nor the life I signed up for. I am a marathon runner and I run every day but with this pain it holds me back and getting out of bed sometimes is my only goal and my biggest task of the day.

He went on to tell me that I am the most majestic and magical being he has ever known. No one has the strength and determination that I do and the fight and battle against the illnesses that I have.

“I believe in you, your magic, your strength and power. You are as tough as titanium. You encourage me to do my best and to give my best. She would never quit so why would I? You are a constant reminder to live your best life. You live it with a smile no matter how excruciating the pain. People see you and people hear you. You are an example to the world of what an inspiration is. Don’t be ashamed of who you are or what your illnesses have made you feel. You are made of pure magic.”

This resonated and has stuck with me when I struggle because sometimes I forget what I go through and what I have to fight through to make it through the day. Sometimes I can’t walk, and sometimes I can’t do normal household chores. But being stuck in bed isn’t something I want to do so it upsets me, and what my friend Linzie tells me is just what I need to hear. And he always knows exactly what to say. He lifts me up spiritually when I need it. I am grateful for his unconditional friendship. Because they tell you never to look back, but sometimes it’s OK to do that so you see how far you’ve gotten.

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