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To the Stranger Who Helped Me When I Was About to Pass Out

I didn’t even ask your name. I could barely hear your voice. I couldn’t turn my head to see you and I never got a chance to thank you.

I have dysautonomia, an autonomic disorder that can cause heart rate changes and dizziness. I was standing in the food court at St. Mathews Mall when my ears started ringing. I knew what was happening but I couldn’t do anything. Suddenly, it felt as if I was falling backward or the floor was moving closer. I could see the bench next to me but, I was frozen. I could hear my mom standing a few feet away, but I couldn’t put the words together to ask for help.

There I stood, frozen, expecting to pass out and wake up on the floor, but you came and offered help. You brought me a chair and saw to it that I got seated. I closed my eyes to take some deep breaths. Still disoriented, I looked up and you were gone.

I want to thank you for choosing to help instead of walking in the other direction. I hope others see the example you set, and choose to follow. I want you to know how greatly your kindness is appreciated. The world needs more people like you! I hope you never let go of the kindness you hold.

So many times, strangers just stand and stare, or worse, laugh. I face criticism from people who think I’m faking it. I can feel people’s judgment when I have to have assistance to sit or walk, but you were different. You saw me struggling and chose kindness over judgment. I hope you read this one day. Thank you, for being different.

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Getty Image by Wavebreakmedia