How One Stranger Went Out of Her Way When My Health Was Struggling

My story is short, but it had an amazing impact on my life due to a complete stranger.

I have chronic Lyme disease with co-infections, which is basically bacteria and parasites all from one tick bite. I am disabled. Chronic Lyme disease is an awful disease that I encourage everyone look up and read about. While I would love to get into that to maybe save lives, my main reason for writing this story is because of a complete stranger. To help understand how bad this illness is and how it relates to the stranger, I will tell you some symptoms.

These “invaders” that have taken over my body wash me out everyday with profound fatigue. I experience brain fog where I cannot recall things that just happened, or I feel like I’m wondering around aimlessly while sometimes I just stare for a minute, or go into a daze. Every organ of my body is affected – there are many more afflictions come from this illness.

One day my husband and I went to Wegmans to do a bit of grocery shopping. I was on some heavy duty medications that day as I was going through a protocol much like chemotherapy. I did not realize how bad my medications hit me that day or I would have stayed home.

My husband started to walk to an aisle of an item needed, while I’m leaned on the grocery cart, barely able to stand. I was in so much pain and felt like my knees were going to buckle beneath me. So, in the middle of the store I told my husband I would wait where I was and I completely laid the top of my body across the front of the grocery cart and put my head down. A woman about middle aged, stopped while slightly placing her hand on my back and said, “Ma’am, are you OK?” I replied, “Yes, I’m just not feeling well. Thank you.”

I stayed there and laid my head back down after she asked. She then said again, “Are you sure you are OK?” Which, I again replied, “Yes, I’m waiting for my husband – thank you so much!” She walked away.

Now, I am a spiritual and believer in God and Jesus. I truly believe an angel was sent to me in that moment. She made me smile and gave me a little strength! I pay it forward all the time and I have many times after this. This may seem insignificant to some, but for the 300,000+ chronic Lyme disease patients that are diagnosed each year, some can probably relate. If my small story gives someone else hope that kindness still exists in the world, then this stranger and I have paid it forward. I will never forget her and will forever be thankful! Perhaps, I’m thanking an angel!

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