20 Memes That Nail What It's Like to Have Blood Work Done

Most people unfortunately have to deal with blood work at some point in their lives – but for those with chronic illness, getting blood drawn can be a frequent (and often frustrating) occurrence. For me, the worst part is that fact that I have very small and weak veins, many of which are blown out from years of infusions, IVs and lab work. This often results in the phlebotomist needing to stick me about five or six times before they can find a vein with adequate blood flow. I don’t hold it against them, but still – it’s no fun to walk out of the lab with your arms and hands covered in gauze and bandages.

As unenjoyable as having blood work done can be, sometimes one of the best ways to cope is with a little humor. If laughing helps get you through the struggles of blood draws, you may enjoy the following memes.

1. When your appointment is almost over but then the doctor says he’s gonna need some lab work:

youtube screenshot of a boy holding his eyes and closing his eyes with the caption 'my longest deep sigh ever'
via @fkandrew Twitter

2. When blood draws are never fun:

if you could do bloodwork without having to actually draw blood... that'd be great
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3. When doctors act like getting blood drawn is no big deal:

how I act when doctors try to take my blood... with a picture of a doctor standing over someone and saying 'Hi, I'm just taking a little blood,' and a photo of sherlock holmes holding his head and breathing quickly
via howitfeelstohavelymedisease Tumblr

4. When you have to get blood drawn but realize you haven’t had anything to eat or drink:

small dog making a sad face
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5. When the nurse starts pulling out a ton of vials:

when I see the gazillion bloodwork vials the tech is trying to fill... with the prince from tangled looking horrified
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6. When the nurse has trouble finding a vein:

when the nurse keeps missing your vein trying to put in an IV... with michael scott whispering 'I'll kill you'
via @crohns_is_cray Instagram

7. When the nurse asks if you’re ready:

rosa from brooklyn 99 yelling 'do your job!! drain me!!'
via @phaserbeam Twitter

8. When you’re trying to stay calm after getting stuck for the 18th time:

when the lab technician apologizes after jabbing my arm several times in order to find a vein... with schmitt from new girl saying 'don't pretend to know my pain'
via livingwithhashimotosthyroiditis Tumblr

9. When a nurse gets it on the first try:

to the nurse who always gets my bloodwork on the first try... woman saying 'bffl - best friends for life'
via howitfeelstohavelymedisease Tumblr

10. When you accidentally look at the needle while it’s still in your arm:

hermione granger standing next to harry potter and saying, 'excuse me, I have to go and vomit'
via moon-leviosa Tumblr

11. When you’ve been stuck several times and the nurse asks how you’re doing:

dog baring his teeth and sticking out a very long tongue from inside a kennel
via @sapphicdarling Twitter

12. When you have to get blood drawn from multiple locations because your veins keep giving out:

victoria justice wearing purple arm casts on both her arms, supported by metal rods
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13. When you make it through a blood draw without fainting:

had blood work done today... didn't pass out!
via quickmeme

14. When your veins don’t cooperate with needles:

that feeling when your blood draw site decides to explode and soak through the gauze...
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15. When ripping off the Band-Aid is the most painful part:

not sure if I should peel off band-aid slowly... or rip off quickly
via quickmeme

16. When you leave the lab after getting a lot of blood drawn:

danny devito sitting in a motorized scooter and looking extremely pale
via @emily_u519

17. When you finally get to eat again after it’s over:

after I have been fasting for blood work... oh food, how I've missed you
via me.me

18. When you feel totally drained after getting your blood drawn:

katy perry wearing striped pajamas and curled up on a flight of red stairs
via @smollotter Twitter

19. When you’re leaving the lab with bandages all over your arms:

woman sitting on the ground with two cops squatting next to her. she says, "I was murdered"
via @jacqlene Twitter

20. When someone asks how you’re feeling after getting your blood drawn:

spongebob looking sick and pale but saying 'I'm ok, honest'
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