This Cartoon Shows Things That Happen When Your Kids Have Cochlear Implants

Editor's Note

This cartoon has been published with permission from the artist, Adrienne Hedger.

This is a cartoon that adds a dose of brevity to the struggles of parenting children with cochlear implants and other hearing devices.

My friend, Adrienne Hedger, and I collaborated to make the cartoon:

Description of cartoon:

Things that Happen When you Have Kids with Cochlear Implants
Inspired by: Valli Gideons @ My Battle Call
Cartoon by: Hedger Humor

Slide One :
You are constantly searching for the pieces.
Here, a mom searches on a seat cushion of a chair shouting, “Where are they?”

Silde Two:
You accidently connect the pieces incorrectly and don’t realize it for a day.
Daughter waits patiently while mom is struggling with pieces of hearing device and thinks, “Um, oops.”

Slide Three:
You invent songs and dances to get kids to wear them.
Mother and child are dancing. Singing, “Let’s wear our ears, oh yea!”

Slide Four:
You try to have your kid wear them in the car.
Mom driving, seen telling her child in the back seat saying, “No, don’t take them off. Leave them on.” Child proceeds to toss them across the car.

Slide Five:
Some conversations are like:
Mom says game is at 6 p.m. Kid replies, “What?” Mom repeats herself. Kid says, “Huh?”
Mom exclaims, “Are you even wearing your ears?”

Slide Six:
It is so rewarding when your kid finally gets it.
Kid surprised says, “Mama, I gotta keep these on so I can hear.”
Mother excitedly says, “Yes. Exactly.’

Image Credits: Valli Gideons

Follow this journey at MyBattleCall.

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