15 Memes That Perfectly Describe What Flare-Ups Are Like

So you’re going along, living life despite your illness and feeling like “you got this”… when all of a sudden, your symptoms go haywire and you realize you’ve been hit with a flare-up. Whether the flare-up comes out of nowhere or you know what caused it, it’s still frustrating to feel like your illness just got 10 times worse. It’s no fun to have to cancel plans, schedule emergency doctor’s appointments and hunker down while you battle pain, fatigue and other unpleasant symptoms.

Luckily, there is a whole community of chronic illness warriors out there who understand the challenges of flare-ups, and sometimes laughing and commiserating with them about the ridiculous things that happen during flare-ups can make it just a bit easier to deal with. Check out the following memes if finding the humorous side of flare-ups helps you cope.

1. When you feel the first flare symptoms:

dog baring teeth with caption that moment when you feel a flare coming on
via Pinterest

2. When the flare hits:

stich in the rain with text when you don't feel well and just want to go home
via @chronicillnessmemes Instagram

3. When you still have things to do but your flare says nope:

dog laying on ground with caption im done, carry me
via Autoimmune Mom

4. When you have to figure out if it’s even a flare at all:

futurama fry meme not sure if flare or just the flu of just bad tacos or just new allergy or just actual injury
via @chronicallyfightingforjoy Instagram

5. When mood = bed:

current mood drawing of person looking at bed and lying face down on bed
via @chronicallybeth Instagram

6. When you’re flaring but trying to push through:

cat with fur sticking up and caption actual footage of me waking up and trying to function
via @lifewithcrohns Instagram

7. When your flare uniform is PJs:

text that says wears pajamas all day, showers at 10 pm, changes into new pajamas
via @lifewithcrohns Instagram

8. When everything is exhausting:

kermit lying on bed with caption me after completing 1 of the 20 things i'm supposed to do
via @lisaw_arrior Instagram

9. When people tell you how to “cure” your flare:

willy wonka meme with caption please tell me more about how eating healthier and thinking more positive will absolutely prevent my flares
via @vin.heat Instagram

10. When you flare so much that sleeping is your hobby:

homer simpson sleeping in bed with caption when people ask me what i do for fun
via @fibromyalgia.survivor Instagram

11. When showering during a flare = your exercise for the day:

dog with towel wrapped around head and caption when you get out of the shower and sit in your towel for 7 months
via @mytherapistsays Instagram

12. When you’re flaring but you have to leave your nest:

meme of jasmine and caption bracing yourself for leaving the house on flare day
via @chronicillnessmemes Instagram

13. When you want to push through but it’s just not happening today:

girls doing ballet performance, one girl is lying facedown on stage. caption current mood
via @together_with_pain Instagram

14. When you finally start to feel some relief:

squirrel raising arms with caption that feeling when the pain meds kick in
via @together_in_pain Instagram

15. When you realize you’re a badass for getting through every flare:

cat meme with caption sometimes im actually in so much pain that im impressed with myself for the fact that im still alive
via @fleur_desprit Instagram

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