17 Memes That Might Make You Laugh If You Have Dietary Restrictions

If you have an illness that causes you to be allergic or intolerant of certain foods, you’re probably familiar with many of the challenges that can come with having dietary restrictions. It can be difficult to cut certain foods out of your diet – especially if you used to eat them frequently before you got sick. Dining out at restaurants or eating food prepared by others can also be risky, since even food that may seem OK on the surface might contain hidden ingredients that could land you in bed for a week.

A lack of understanding from others about the differences between “diet” and “dietary restrictions” can be frustrating, hurtful and, at times, dangerous for your health. When someone with a chronic illness cuts a certain food out of their diet, it’s likely not because they wanted to try out the latest health trend – it’s often less of a decision and more of a necessity for staying as healthy as possible and not triggering a severe flare-up of symptoms.

Although having dietary restrictions can certainly be challenging, sometimes a little humor can go a long way in coping with these difficulties. If laughter helps you deal with the frustrations of chronic illness, you may enjoy the following memes.


when someone calls me a picky eater
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having to give up favorite foods due to intolerances... man saying goodbye
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is it gluten-free or gluten-friendly?
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when I catch the scent of a food I haven't been able to eat in years because of allergies and digestive issues... with a kitten reaching his paw out longingly
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every day is a picnic with celiac... literally, I bring my own food everywhere
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when people ask, 'what happens when you eat (insert food allergy here)?' with a priest rocking back and forth saying 'please lord, help me to release this demon!!'
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look at all the food I can't eat
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recovering from a flare-up: with the boy from the incredibles in the water screaming, "we're dead! we're dead! we survived but we're dead!"


when I see someone cross-contaminate in the buffet line
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how I act on the days I don't feel bloated: with channing tatum snapping and saying 'bitch i'm fabulous'
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when you turn down something with gluten and get commended for "sticking to your diet"
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when you have a food allergy and taste something you shouldn't eat
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when someone calls me dramatic over my dietary restrictions... lucille bluth saying 'it just makes me want to set myself on fire'
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when someone thinks I'm voluntarily turning down bread... with oprah saying "I love bread"
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michael scott saying 'I love food. I'd love to actually have some one day'
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when the waiter is reading out the specials and I'm mentally ruling out what I can eat... with chrissy teigen grimacing
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thanks, but it's not really a diet. everything I used to eat makes me sick
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