How My New Puppy's Keen Sense of Smell Saved My Life

My new Basset Hound puppy, Bailey, was getting used to her new surroundings after she was brought home. I noticed that she really had a keen sense of smell because once she found a scent, she stayed on it until it led her to the source. On one particular day, she was going after my right knee by nipping at it. Every time I’d tell her, “No!” she’d stop and then go right back to the same area over and over again not giving up and more determined than ever to nip harder. It got to the point where I decided to see what all of the fuss was about. Was something stuck to the back of my kneecap that got her interest?

basset hound puppy

When I checked the area she was so insistent on going after, I felt a lump the size of a tennis ball behind the right kneecap. I immediately called my
doctor and told her what I had found. She had me come in for a STAT doppler and then told me to come to her office afterwards for the results. I was a little worried as I had DVT (deep vein thrombosis) in the past in the right leg.

basset hound puppy curled up on a bed

It turned out that I had a huge blood clot starting at my groin area going well past my knee cap. Dr. R. asked me how I knew enough to call right away. I told her that my Basset Hound kept going after the site for a few days and wouldn’t let up. She then stated Bailey had saved my life. If it had gone unnoticed, the clot would’ve blocked the blood flow completely in my entire leg and there would’ve been serious complications.

an outdoor sign for the basset hound ranch

I’ve often heard of dogs finding cancer in their owners by pawing or licking the area in question. I never expected it would happen to me. I informed Janice, the owner of The Basset Ranch, that she should change the name of her business to “Bassets MD” because their nose “knows” more than we know.

Image Credits: Maggie Goodman

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