15 Memes That Nail What It's Like to Deal With Health Insurance

Navigating the waters of health insurance can sometimes be a pain. Whether you’ve spent hours on hold after calling in with one small question, had a necessary medication or treatment denied for coverage or have to pay a ridiculous amount for copays or prescriptions even with coverage, most of us have had at least one frustrating experience (or, if you’re like me, too many to count) while dealing with the red tape that comes with having health insurance.

Managing your health insurance can often feel stressful and overwhelming, but, for many, humor can be a powerful coping mechanism. If laughing helps you relieve some stress and feel less alone in your struggles, you may enjoy the following memes:


if I win the lottery, the first thing I'll do is meet my deductible
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don't have to worry about treatment not working if insurance won't cover it in the first place
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comic of a nurse telling a patient, "the doctor will be with you in a few minutes. he's trying to figure out what disease goes with your insurance."
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medical insurance is like a hospital gown... you only think you're covered
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affordable... I don't think it means what you think it means
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I'm about to turn 26 and won't be covered under my mom's health insurance. this was my last doctors appointment... test all the things!!!
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when my insurance company decides to take its sweet time approving a new treatment... with miranda priestly saying "oh by all means, move at a glacial pace, you know how that thrills me"
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I don't always call insurance companies... but when I do I keep saying "representative" or hitting random numbers until I can talk to someone
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reading the details of your health insurance plan: ryan gosling reading something and saying 'I don't even know what the hell this means'
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me: insurance should cover my medicine. insurance company (in spongebob chicken voice): INSURANCE SHOULD COVER MY MEDICINE
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girl: I'm not looking for anything serious, just a friend with benefits. guy: there's no way I'm paying your health insurance
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"your wait time is 5 minutes." me, 40 minutes later, still on hold... woman holding a pan and looking angry
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me: I only have to pay $10 for each prescription. healthy people: that's really expensive. me: ???????
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I need a health care plan that covers the anxiety and depression caused by trying to understand my health care plan
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when my insurance covers something I thought I would have to pay for... with two cartoon bears dancing and throwing money around
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