How I'm Managing My Fibromyalgia During Pregnancy

Since I was diagnosed in 2016, I’ve struggled daily with widespread pain, brain fog, anxiety, migraines, IBS, skin sensitivity and sleepless nights. Living with fibromyalgia was never easy before I conceived and I knew it would continue to challenge me during my pregnancy.

Similar to my arthritis, the first 12 weeks of my pregnancy were relatively pain-free and I felt a burst of energy like never before. I was able to walk in the mornings and got through much of my days pain-free. I made the most of this unusual feeling and was able to enjoy a trip away to New York and Philadelphia. Thinking back, I would have struggled to enjoy that trip with fibro flare-ups.

Although the symptoms of pain had eased during this time I experienced morning sickness, or should I say all day and night sickness! From the moment I woke up until last thing at night I felt sick and I developed a sensitivity to smells. Even the smell of my husband’s aftershave was enough to tip me over the edge.

From week 12-20, the little burst of energy I had left me and the fatigue creeped back in. I struggled to find a work-life balance and was so exhausted after work and I felt myself sliding back into a flare. My IBS symptoms were active during this time which left me feeling sluggish.

woman posing at 28 weeks pregnant

I was diagnosed with symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD), also known as pelvic girdle pain which is common in pregnancy. This has caused much of my pain to be in my hips and lower back.

My fibromyalgia has been up and down during my pregnancy but I do feel like I’ve been able to manage it and battle through it. I was relieved to experience 12 weeks pain- and flare-free and I made the most of that time. I’ve now reached my third trimester and the final stretch is in sight!

Image Credits: Leann Kelly

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