If You Have a Lot of Medical Bills, These 15 Memes Are for You

If you or a loved one live with an illness or disability, you know that medical bills can quickly get expensive. All those co-pays, medications, blood draws, tests and procedures really add up when you have a chronic condition, and trying to figure out how to pay for it all can add undue stress and frustration to all the health challenges you’re already facing.

Struggling to pay medical bills is a very real issue that can have significant consequences on a person’s life. But if you’re feeling overwhelmed and are in need of a good laugh to relieve some stress, check out the following memes that nail what it’s like to have to pay medical bills. And remember: If you’re stressing about medical bills, you are not alone.

1. When people doubt if your illness is real:

woman shouting, 'you bet it's real... I've got the medical bills to prove it!'
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2. When the bills keep stacking up:

I've got bills, they're multiplying
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3. When you don’t have any medical bills to pay:

the complete opposite of having a thousand medical bills: the simpsons rolling in piles of cash
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4. When you need to de-stress after looking at medical bills:

looking for a wine that pairs well with adding up medical expenses
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5. When identity theft could have some perks…:

if someone steals my identity I really hope they pay off my debt
via @murnwina Instagram

6. When you leave an appointment and think about how much it’s going to cost:

bills: tobias funke sobbing uncontrollably in the shower
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7. When your wallet becomes lighter after every appointment:

every time I see a doctor they say something has to come out... usually it's my pocketbook!
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8. When you’re no longer covered by your parents’ insurance:

medical bills? tell me about how much you're enjoying your independence
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9. When some security measures just don’t make sense:

why must I prove that I am me to pay my bills over the phone? do strangers call to pay my bills? and if they do why don't you let them?
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10. When your insurance doesn’t cover the whole bill:

me paying $3000 in medical bills despite having good insurance with a photo of a woman throwing up
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11. When all your money goes toward medical bills:

how your bills be looking at your check on pay day
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12. When you’re reviewing a bill after your appointment:

medical bills be like... breathing: $1. talking: $5. standing: $10. existing: $2. lollygagging: $2. chewing: $1.
via The Bottom of the Human Food Chain Tumblr

13. When medical bills are the worst type of mail:

what I wish I got in the mail instead of medical bills: with a picture of corgi puppy standing inside of a mailbox and looking adorably perplexed at its situation
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14. When your paycheck may as well be sent straight to your doctor:

when all my money goes towards medical bills: man setting his paycheck on fire and crying
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15. When you finally pay off all your medical bills:

paying all of my medical bills like... two men making it rain with cash
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