14 Memes That Nail What It's Like to Be Young and Chronically Ill

Chronic illness can come with a host of problems, regardless of your age. But for those dealing with an illness as a child, teenager or young adult, being sick can bring about some unique difficulties. Many people often equate “young” with “healthy” – a misconception that can be complicated by the fact that so many symptoms and side effects of illness are invisible. Young people may look like the picture of health even if they’re chronically ill, which can lead to a lot of judgment and misunderstanding.

Although the frustrations of being young and chronically sick are no joke, sometimes a little humor can be a powerful coping mechanism. If laughing helps you navigate life with a chronic illness, you may enjoy the following memes.

1. When someone says, “But you’re too young to be that sick!”

woman pursing her lips and looking down with a fake smile
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2. When someone is trying to understand how you can be young and sick:

woman thinking with diagrams and equations swirling around her head
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3. When you’re the doctor’s youngest patient:

when you are the youngest patient in the waiting room
via @chronicillnessmemes Instagram

4. When pain doesn’t discriminate:

when someone says, 'you're too young to be in pain' with a girl giving a death glare
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5. When someone points out your age and suddenly you’re cured!

you're too young to be that sick. well, now that you pointed it out I suddenly feel all better

6. When “young” gets mistaken for “healthy”:

but you look so healthy! NO.
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7. When a doctor doubts your illness because of your age:

dory from finding nemo saying, 'you got a problem, buddy? do ya? do ya? do ya?'
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8. When you don’t look old, but you sure feel like you are:

how old your body feels, with an old man sitting at a desk
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9. When you’re trying to keep up with schoolwork on top of your chronic illness:

i'm so behind in school, we love chronic illness don't we ladies. with a possum screaming
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10. When older people assume all young people are healthy:

older person: I'm in pain all the time. it must be nice to be young. me: haha, about that
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11. When everyone else is finding jobs and starting families but you’re just trying to keep your health under control:

everyone on facebook: I'm engaged! I'm pregnant! I bought a house! I just got a promotion! my life is amazing!
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12. When people judge you for not “looking sick”:

ok, but what if I DID look like I was sick... with a picture of a large pink slimy fish
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13. When everyone else your age is going out and staying up late but you basically live in your bed:

when someone asks me why I can't hang out. with a cartoon of a koala saying 'I sleep 20 hours a day'
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14. When maybe your chronic illness just got confused…

'you're too young to have that problem!' 'thanks, I'll let my chronic illness know'
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