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The 17 Coziest Socks and Slippers for People With Chronic Illness

Editor's Note

We hope the products below, all recommended by our Mighty community members, help you or a loved one in your health journeys. Just so you know, The Mighty may collect a share of sales from the Amazon links on this page.

There’s nothing like sliding your feet into a cozy pair of socks or slippers when you’re dealing with chronic illness and pain. Something about a good pair of socks just makes you feel comforted and warm. If nothing else, a fun pattern can bring a smile to your face if you’re stuck at home or in the hospital.

Of course, you could just grab a pack of socks the next time you go shopping, but we wanted to know which brands are the best for people with chronic illnesses, who could use some extra comfort and style on those tough flare days. We asked our Mighty chronic illness community to share which socks and slippers they love the most. Here are their recommendations.

1. Pact Apparel

pact apparel black and white striped socks

“I love Pact Apparel! They have the softest socks with cute patterns, and the socks are breathable because they’re mostly organic cotton. They keep me warm without sweating and suffocating my feet,” said Sarah Langer.

Buy the socks featured above for $10 from Pact Apparel.

2. Bombas

bombas red ankle socks

“Bombas! The ankle socks. They are super soft, light compression and don’t bind/cut into me when my feet or ankles swell. So comfy!” said Melissa Adomaitis.

Buy the socks featured above for $12 from Bombas.

3. UGG

ugg dakota slipper

I know they’re a little on the pricey side, but I cannot live without my UGG moccasin slippers. They’re comfy as heck, can be worn outside if need be, and they last years!” said Shannon Fahey.

“Only UGG slippers keep my very cold feet warm, and nice soft wool socks,” said Melody Blefari.

Buy the slippers featured above for $100 from UGG.

4. Earth Therapeutics

earth therapeutics aloe socks in black

The super soft socks that have aloe lotion infused in them feel like cashmere on my feet,” said Jenny Williams Sarver. “They have cute animal characters matching to what season or holiday.”

Buy the socks featured above for $8 from Ulta Beauty.

5. Oofos Recovery Footwear

oofos green flip flop sandal

“Oofos recovery slippers are amazing! They have good support and are support cushy. I have Lyme and MSIDs. One of my co-infections, Bartonella, gave me horrible foot pain before I started antibiotics. It was like walking on bare bones, like there was no padding in my feet whatsoever. Horribly painful. Even when I had not had any exercise. Just walking around the house in socks, I was in pain. Those Oofos slippers were a life saver!” said Sabine Bischofberger. “The only thing I could wear that gave me relief and made standing on my feet bearable. They make clog style slippers, flip flops, shoes and other styles. They are designed for runners to wear post-marathon, so you know they give the right kind of support.”

Buy the sandals featured above for $49.95 from Oofos.

6. Yomandamor

yomandamor gray socks

“Yomandamor women’s bamboo socks. Amazing! Will never buy anything else ever again,” recommended Laureen Pickering.

Buy the socks featured above for $15.50 (six pairs) from Amazon.

7. Indigo Reading Socks

indigo brand reading socks with text design

“The Reading Socks from Chapters/Indigo! So fluffy and cozy!” said Chloe Deraiche.

Buy the socks featured above for $17.50 from Indigo.

8. Smartwool

blue and green geometric smartwool socks

“I love Smartwool. They are soft and keep my feet warm,” said Tiffany Turcotte.

Buy the socks featured above for $19.95 from Smartwool

9. Glerups

glerups red felt slipper

Cindy Harrigan said these felt slippers with a calfskin sole are the “best things ever.”

Buy the slippers featured above for $95 from Glerups.

10. Snoozies

snoozies slippers in green floral ballet slipper style

“They’re soft but it depends on the style (the ballet slipper style is my personal favorite), they have a little bit more of a structured bottom (still soft though) and they’re machine washable!” explained Hannah Ritchie.

Buy the slippers featured above for $14.99 from Amazon.

11. Bioworld

wonder woman socks with cape on back

“Bioworld makes excellent, comfy geeky socks with just the right stretch,” said Cyn Brunelle. 

Buy the socks featured above for $5.79 from Amazon.

11. Legends

legends brand pink striped socks

“Legends socks are colorful, bright and cheery. They have extra cushion soles on the bottom of their socks. That cushion feels really good,” said Sarver. 

Buy the socks featured above for $10 from Legends.

12. Brookstone Nap Socks

brookstone nap socks in blue stripe design

“Nap Socks. My husband buys me some every Christmas and sometimes for Mother’s Day. They are so soft and fuzzy and just amazing,” said Megan Monique.

Buy the socks featured above for $19.99 from Brookstone.

13. Bobs by Skechers

bobs by skechers slippers with dog print

I live in my Bobs by Skechers! A. They have doggies all over, B. They’re memory foam! Nothing better!” said Lara Ekblad.

Buy the slippers featured above for $37.95 from Zappos.

14. Joe Boxer

joe boxer socks

“I love Joe Boxer ankle socks, they’re very soft. I’m not sure of the brand of slippers that I wear but I love the ones that look like boots,” said Esther Erb.

Buy the socks featured above for $10.99 (pack of 10) from Kmart.

15. Sock It To Me

sock it to me socks turquoise with cats

“I love Sock It To Me knee socks! The fun designs and soft socks always make me smile. They aren’t too heavy or too light either. Just perfect and quirky looking,” said Amy Perry Archibald. 

Buy the socks featured above for $12 from Sock It To Me.

16. The Buffalo Wool Company

buffalo wool company

“Buffalo Wool Company! When my toes are frozen, my buffalo wool socks make ’em toasty in minutes. Instawarm. I have their gloves, too,” said Jaque Valentine.

Buy the socks featured above for $32 from The Buffalo Wool Company.

17. Heat Holders

heat holders socks

“Heat Holders 2.4 tog rated socks are fab for people with bad circulation. They also make hats, gloves and tights now too,” said Alice Emerald.

Buy the socks featured above for $15.99 from Heat Holders.