What to Know When You See These Selfies on Chester Bennington's Birthday

Talinda Bennington, wife of the Chester Bennington, who died by suicide in July, is asking fans to honor the Linkin Park frontman’s upcoming birthday in a special way — by raising awareness for mental health.

On Wednesday, Bennington asked fans to post pictures of their hands bearing the message, “I am the change,” on March 20, the day that would have been Chester’s 42nd birthday.

To honor @ Bday-I’m asking you to Change Direction. On March 20th,Post a pic holding up your hand , which symbolizes you know the 5 signs of emotional well-being. Write “I AM THE CHANGE” on your hand. Bcuz the change begins within ourselves

Bennington’s request is part of the advocacy efforts of the mental health initiative, 320 Changes Direction, which she helped launch after her husband’s death. The photos are meant to both honor Chester and symbolize knowledge of the five signs of emotional well-being, which according the Change Direction website, are: take care, check in, engage, relax, know.

The Linkin Park family has consistently advocated for greater mental health awareness since Chester’s death. In addition to opening up about grief after suicide loss, the LP family has popularized the hashtag #MakeChesterProud when talking about mental health issues.

If you are looking for ways to #MakeChesterProud before March 20, Mighty contributor Lisa Boyle has some suggestions. In her piece, “What #MakeChesterProud Means to Me as Someone With Mental Illness,” she wrote,

Every time you ask a friend how they are and listen, you are making Chester proud. When you let yourself feel happy after a long struggle, or forgive yourself for making mistakes, you are making Chester proud. When you give yourself a break because you feel it all starting to get too much, when you take time for self-care, you are making Chester proud. When you are kind to others and kind to yourself, you are making Chester proud. When you reach out to a friend for help or see a doctor, you are making Chester proud. One small action at a time, we can change the way we look at mental health, and how we all treat ourselves and others. To me, #MakeChesterProud is about hope in the midst of great darkness.

Thank you Talinda, for inviting fans to honor Chester Bennington and #MakeChesterProud.

Photos via Change Direction Twitter

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