Thank You, Fibromyalgia

Dear fibromyalgia,

Thank you for being an jerk, for punishing me when I try to do things like everybody else. For making me waste away the day in bed, trying desperately to get comfortable, and yet never truly achieving it. For making me so exhausted that walking to the bathroom feels like running a marathon. For making me feel sick to my stomach due to pain, stiffness and tension headaches. For making my face hurt when I smile or laugh. For making my jaw feel like it’s stuck in a vice.

Thanks for the sleepless nights, and missed opportunities to be with friends and family. For making me cancel plans, or let my coworkers down because I’ve called in sick for the hundredth time this year. For making me feel unreliable, and incapable of getting things done. For making my brain so fuddled I can’t remember words like “shopping” or “supper” or “calendar.” For making it impossible to express what’s on my mind because I just can’t find the words.

Thank you for showing me who my real friends are. For letting me see that I have some amazing people in my life who support me, love me and understand that sometimes I have limitations. For the great co-workers I have who, even on my worst day at work, understand and ask if I need help when they see me struggle, or look tired and worn.

Life can be hard, frustrating and stressful. Even though I’m not always feeling 100 percent, thank you for making me realize that I have a lot to be thankful for.


A fibromyalgia fighter

Getty Image by wesleywalker81

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