To My Husband, Who 'Keeps the World Turning' When I'm Sick

I want to thank my husband – right here, in this public forum, for being there. For taking care of me, and our home, because I just can’t do it.

To my husband, who gets up early to feed the dogs, and take them on their morning walk, then quietly works around the house so that I can sleep until 10 or 11 a.m. Who, while I try to get my pained body oiled with a cup of coffee, fills me in on what I’ve missed, and gets a sense for what I might want to do during the day.

To my partner, who tries to help me head off the horrible crash we both know is coming if I do too much, reminding me to lay down and rest in the afternoons. He does the dishes, and cooks dinner, then wakes me up and encourages me to eat. I also know that he checks on me while I’m resting – yes, Honey, I know you’re there – that you look in a couple of times while I’m almost sleeping, just to make sure I’m OK.

Thank you.

Thank you to the husbands and wives, to the partners, the parents, the siblings and the children of those of us who are sick and in pain and exhausted beyond comprehension. Every. Single. Day.

You stand in the gap, you keep the world turning. You are appreciated.

Image Credits: Photo by Lisa Clark

Creative Commons photo by Lisa Clark

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