3 Ways You Can Turn Around a Bad Day With Chronic Illness

We all have those bad days; however, disabilities can really make them unbearable. Whether you’re dealing with chronic pain, depression, physical difficulties or you just can’t seem to get anything right, or even start your day feeling good. The question we may often ask ourselves is “How am I going to get through this today?” It’s hard and can be very emotionally draining a lot of the time. Living with a disability has that effect sometimes. The good news is having a bad day can become salvageable and therapeutic as long as you’re willing to speak up.

1. Ask for Help

For me, this was a tough thing to do because I was born with a stubborn streak. It takes a lot but asking for help isn’t bad. It doesn’t make you seem like a burden in the eyes of those who support and love you. You shouldn’t feel that way either. Simply saying, “Can you help me?” really does turn your day around while also taking a bit of the burden off your shoulders. People may see that you’re struggling with something and will want to help if they know today you aren’t feeling 100 percent, especially those in your immediate circle. It’s one of the times where you can feel independent while also getting some assistance.

2. Don’t Tough It Out

Being tough is great and is needed at times. You catch a cold at work or school but manage to power through the day instead of calling out sick. Or you cram through an entire day of work late at night before finally getting it done, starting your vacation off with a day of napping. That’s great people with disabilities can be tough too, both physically and mentally. But let’s face it, we all run out of fuel at some point and find ourselves completely drained with nothing left. This is the time we call out, wave the flag and say, “I need a break.” Which is perfectly OK you can’t do it all. Everyone needs a recharge sometimes: parents, teachers, doctors, your friends and you. So don’t be afraid to take a knee and zone out for a bit. Do something to relax whether it’s a power nap, a bath with wine or you grab a burger and watch TV, nothing wrong with a day to refuel and relax.

3. Talk About It

The big elephant in the room, and the one thing no one wants to do: talk about it. Yes, talk, say something. The problem with having a bad day is that we might think just saying, “I’m having a bad day” is the perfect fixes-everything statement that tells the world and our support groups that they know what’s going on with us. Well, unfortunately, they can’t read your mind so you have to say a bit more than just a bad day. It may be uncomfortable spilling out your feelings and troubles, and you might feel really vulnerable too. The good news is you will probably save your entire day. By simply communicating with your support group and those around you they’ll know what’s going on with you, and try to accommodate you so this bad day you’re having can actually be a really good day. Even if your day goes from a day out with everyone to staying indoors with your close group of friends, it can be just as good. Your bad day can be saved and turned into a good one.

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