If You're Prone to Excessive Sweating, These 18 Memes Are for You

Hyperhidrosis is a disorder that causes a person to sweat excessively. It can occur on its own as a condition, but abnormally increased sweating can also be a symptom of illness or a side effect of medication. Regardless of the cause, constantly being overheated and sweaty for seemingly no good reason can be incredibly frustrating and embarrassing.

Despite the annoyance of having to change your clothes several times a day, or constantly wiping drips of sweat off your body, sometimes finding a little humor in frustrating or awkward situations can go a long way. Cracking a joke is usually my go-to when I start sweating profusely in public – especially in those situations where literally no one else is sweating – but laughter can also be healing and help me feel less alone in the struggle.

If humor helps you cope with excessive sweating, you may enjoy the following memes.


literally everyone: "Yass! loving this heatwave!" me: photo of woman drenched in sweat
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when you get sweat in your eyes, with mr. krabs screaming
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when my iphone won't work with my sweaty fingers. and a photo of tina fey saying "give me strength, oh oprah"
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healthy person: I try to break a sweat every day. me, who sweats doing nothing at all: oh yeah, me too
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I don't always forget to wear deodorant, but when I do I spend all day with my arms rigidly held by my sides
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when someone turns on the heater, with a woman fanning herself
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me after walking across the room... man with sweat dripping down his face
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how i explain my sweating: my anxieties have anxieties
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not sure if still wet from shower or already sweating again
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when someone asks why my hands are wet.. with a photo of lilo hitting myrtle from lilo and stitch
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all of the grey clothing I'll never get to wear, with woman crying
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when it's time for all hands in

sheldon cooper putting a napkin over people hands before touching them
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hands: *not sweaty* me: is this what it's like? to live a normal life? to be free of your burdens?
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when I'm the only one who can open a plastic bag... man rubbing his hands together and saying "I got this"
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why can't night sweats count as a workout?
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when it's the height of summer and you have oily skin and no blotting paper
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after I get a quote for botox treatment: music video with bruno mars singing 'I wanna be a billionaire, so fucking bad. buy all of the things I never had"
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when it's 90 degrees and your friend wants to walk to lunch
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