What Fibromyalgia Has Given Me

Fibromyalgia has given me a lot.

You may think someone who struggles with this painful condition would be more likely to write about what fibromyalgia has taken. It has certainly taken a lot: it has taken my ability to perform even the smallest household duties and some days my ability to perform self-care tasks. It has taken my ability to make plans because I never know how I will feel on any given day. At times, it has taken my desire to live.

I could also talk about many of the unpleasant things fibromyalgia has given me. It has given me an increased tolerance for pain because without a high pain tolerance most days I wouldn’t get out of bed. It has given me depression and anxiety. Fibromyalgia has given me more pain than I ever thought I’d have to endure, both physical and emotional.

But fibromyalgia has also given me the ability to find joy in small accomplishments, like baking a cake for my family or making a special dinner. Fibromyalgia has given me a great appreciation of the things I can do. Fibromyalgia has given me wonderful friends who form a great support system, as we all struggle with chronic pain. It has given me a great deal of empathy for others who experience similar conditions.

Fibromyalgia has given me inner strength and an iron will to keep moving; but more than anything else it has given me the ability to accept myself for who I am regardless of whether it’s good, bad, or ugly.

Fibromyalgia has given and taken many things, and I wouldn’t trade any of them. Though this disease is not something I’d wish on anyone, I am proud to fight it every single day of my life. It has given me many things I wouldn’t trade for the world.

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