The Guilt That Comes With Having a Good Health Day

Last weekend it was a lovely sunny, spring day. You know the kind. The first Saturday of the year where is the sun is bright, the wind light and the flowers are beginning to bloom. My husband and I took our two little boys to a farm outside of town to pet the rabbits, see the baby cows and to giggle at the goats.

It was a good day.

Although I could only handle an hour at the farm before I became dizzy, nauseous and exhausted, I felt guilty.

I felt guilty for having a “good day.”

I am on medical leave from my job, I am on several medications and I see a handful of medical and healthcare professionals. All in an attempt to be well.

I felt guilty as I thought that I should instead be at home resting in bed, sipping a health tonic and focused on my recovery.

The truth is, I am allowed to have a good day.

And so are you.

Having a good day is fundamental in your recovery of chronic illness and in the quality of your life.

It is vital to feel good, enjoy family and friends, appreciate a day trip or to simply laugh.

As is often the case with a chronic illness, the good days are often limited.

So, let’s make a pact to make the most of them and to let go of the guilt.

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