A Live Global #phaware Activation for World PH Day (May 5)

You are invited to engage with phaware global association®  in our #WorldPHDay LIVE Global Activation.  

All the information can also be found on our website: www.phaware.global/wphd

A LIVE Global #phaware Activation

Every year on May 5th, pulmonary hypertension organizations and groups around the world participate in World Pulmonary Hypertension Day activities to raise awareness of this rare and often-misdiagnosed disease and to celebrate the lives of the global PH community. #WorldPHDay brings global attention to the importance of improving the quality of life and life expectancy of the more than 25 million people living with PH.

This year, phaware global association® (www.phaware.global) invites you to become a #phaware Brand Ambassador!

Global Disease. Global Awareness.

Share LIVE videos and photos taken during all the 80+ amazing awareness-raising events, actions and celebrations happening on May 5th. We’re leveraging the all-new Stream app, making exciting updates to our phaware365 Global Selfie app and hosting an unprecedented number of LIVE Global Q&A’s with PH and CTEPH specialists from around the world. It’s an all-day opportunity to engage with events as they happen or toggle between events happening simultaneously.

Five ways you can get involved:

1. On air with phaware® #WorldPHDay Global Stream

From Burbank to Berlin… Barcelona to Buenos Aires… Powered by the global PH community, phaware® is engaging Brand Ambassadors (patients, caregivers and PH thought leaders) in a number of countries, across multiple time zones to broadcast LIVE video from #WorldPHDay events taking place around the globe directly from the Stream app on their phones to our On Air with phaware® page. Together we will bring the community to events and events to the community all in real time.

How to become a #phaware Brand Ambassador: 

Step 1: Visit https://stream.live/

Step 2: Download the Stream app (for iOS or android).

Step 3: Create/sign up a free account using an email (use an email account rather than social media).

Step 4: Email us at: [email protected] and let phaware® know your user name, country of origin and your connection to PH.

Once you get connected and are an approved phaware® Brand Ambassador, we will send you final instructions on how to share your LIVE stream(s) to our On Air with phaware® page and our Facebook page to make this #WorldPHDay the Biggest Global Awareness Day yet!

2. Global PHAware® Awareness Video

Not going to a #WorldPHDay event? No problem!

Here’s how you can participate in our all-new Global phaware® Awareness Video:

In addition to bringing you the sights and sounds World PH Day activities, we invite phaware® Brand Ambassadors to answer five simple questions on the Stream app, which will be used to create a new phaware® Global Awareness Video.

Question 1: What is your connection to PH?

Question 2: Why is pulmonary hypertension awareness important?

Question 3: What advice do you have for a newly diagnosed patient?

Question 4: What is one thing you wished someone told you when you were diagnosed?

Question 5: Why is pulmonary hypertension research critical for a PH patient?

Stream your answers.  Share your story. Your video could end up in our next #phaware-ness video!

3. On air with phware® LIVE Global Q&A

Join phaware® on May 5th for an unprecedented line up of PH medical experts for an all-day series of LIVE Global Q&As. Watch and submit questions and participate in global #phaware polls throughout May 5th at: www.phaware.global/onair. Scheduled to appear: Dr. Eric Austin, Dr. Richard N. Channick, Dr. Murali Chakinala, Dr. Scott Manaker, Dr. Victor F. Tapson, Dr. Peter Leary (Times TBD).

4. PHAWARE365™ Global Selfie App

Help make pulmonary hypertension history! It’s a snap with the phaware365™ Global Selfie app. Download the free app now: www.phaware.global/phaware365.

Snap a selfie. Decorate your photos. Customize with PH facts. Add awareness stickers and frames. Share your #WorldPHDay event photos all across social media and on the phaware365 Global Selfie Stream.

How to engage for a cure with the phaware365™ app: 

Step 1: Snap a Selfie during events around the globe

Step 2: Decorate your photos using the phaware365 app – available on the App Store, Google Play or at www.phaware.global/phaware365

Step 3: Post your photos across social media. Be sure to tag them with #WorldPHDay and #phaware. Challenge your friends and family to participate!

5. I’m aware that I’m rare: the phaware® podcast

National Nurses Week Starts on May 6th and ends on May 12th (Florence Nightingale’s Birthday). Nurses are one of the most important parts of a pulmonary hypertension care team. All this month, we’ve been asking the PH community to nominate their favorite nurse for our nursing series of phaware® podcasts airing between March 13 – May 12. Nominate your favorite nurse today: www.phawarepodcast.libsyn.com/contact.

Five ways you can get involved: www.phaware.global/wphd

Watch LIVE May 5th: www.phaware.global/onair 

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