If You're Constantly Running to the Bathroom, These 20 Memes Are for You

There are a number of chronic illnesses – such as inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), gastroparesis or interstitial cystitis – that may cause you to spend a little more time in the bathroom than the average person. Frequent trips and long stays on the toilet can be awkward and uncomfortable, whether you’re at home or in public. The toilet seat is often hard and cold, the toilet paper can quickly cause irritation, and then there’s the smell… And this is all assuming you were able to find a toilet on time in the first place!

Dealing with symptoms like vomiting, diarrhea or constipation isn’t exactly pleasant, but sometimes humor can be a powerful coping mechanism for riding out those long hours in the bathroom. If laughter helps distract you from whatever’s going on down there, you may enjoy the following memes:


when someone asks where you've been... michael scott saying 'just poopin, you know how I be'
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I feel bad for my friends when they say they're having a crappy day, until I realize it's figurative for them and literal for me
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baby looking worried. the caption says 'oh no... that wasn't a fart'
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why the hell do my intestines hate me?
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my superpower is always knowing where the nearest bathroom is
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boss: why are you late? me: sign that says '1-hour poo'
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when you go to a public bathroom to poop and no one is there
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when you flush the toilet and the water starts rising
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how it feels when you go to the bathroom without your phone... with an alien sitting alone on a planet
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the look you get when you have diarrhea and there's no toilet available
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any day now... with man sitting on the toilet bored
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but you just went to the bathroom... trust me, I know.
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how can anyone poop 10-20 times per day? you underestimate my power
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when you make it to the bathroom just in time
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after spending copious amounts of time in the bathroom, I have now memorized my shampoo's ingredients
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when I finally poop
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when you've been on the toilet too long
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when I'm trying to figure out what I ate that made me sick
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man chopping a door down with an axe and saying 'I said I needed to go NOW'
via Ulcerative Colitis Management Facebook page


when you've been sat on the toilet all day... outch!

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