5 Quotes That Help Me When I Feel Anxious

When I’m feeling particularly anxious, I find it helpful to remind myself of some quotes which reassure me. Whilst they don’t cure anxiety, it can be comforting to hear these words from people from all walks of life.

1. “You don’t pass or fail at being a person, dear.” – Neil Gaiman, “The Ocean at the End of the Lane”

I find this quote eternally reassuring. It reminds us that despite society’s repeated insistence that success is measured by your job title, exam performance or simply how many friends you have, it’s not. Everyone lives a different life, and success is therefore unique to everyone.

2. “Be brave. Even if you’re not, pretend to be.” — Jackson Brown Jr.

Sometimes it can be overwhelming to face the fact you’re going to have to be brave. Whether it’s going to the supermarket, giving a presentation or just getting out of bed, sometimes anxiety can feel like it’s wrestling you down. So instead of being brave, pretend to be. It takes away some of the unnecessary stress of “being brave.”

3. “The best advice I’ve ever received is, ‘No one else knows what they’re doing either.’” – Ricky Gervais

Sometimes, it can feel as if everyone else has their whole life sorted out, when they’re actually feeling just as scared and unsure as you are.

4. “Life is tough, my darling, but so are you.” – Stephanie Bennett-Henry

A gentle reminder that you’re doing better than you think because you can do more than you think you can.

5. “The beginning is always today.” – Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley

This is mindfulness in its pure form – a focus on the present moment rather than what has happened or what will happen. It reminds me that you can always start today, no matter how impossible something seems.

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