Ryan Reynolds Is Using His Deadpool Suit to Fundraise for Fuck Cancer

If you’ve ever wanted to dress up as a pink Deadpool, or touch anything Ryan Reynolds has worn, now is your chance. On Tuesday, Reynolds shared a video to his YouTube channel to help raise awareness and funds for Fuck Cancer, a cancer nonprofit dedicated to early detection and prevention.

The comedic video features Reynolds in a pink Deadpool suit surrounded by pink props. In the video, Reynolds as Deadpool says he has a new obsession — the color pink because it’s tied to cancer awareness. For those who aren’t Deadpool fans, the collaboration makes sense as Deadpool is a cancer survivor, himself.

The suit will be raffled off to one lucky donor through Omaze, a donation crowdfunding platform.

“Since Deadpool isn’t like any superhero, this suit isn’t just like any movie prop… it’s pink and helps an awesome cause kick cancer’s butt just like Deadpool does,” the fundraising page says.

Some cancer advocates have criticized the use of pink and “pinkwashing” as a marketing tool. “Pinkwashing” was originally coined by Breast Cancer Action as a part of its Think Before You Pink campaign. It described companies that used pink products in honor of breast cancer but also produced, manufactured, or sold products linked to breast cancer. It has since expanded to include people who use the ribbon or color to profit off breast cancer awareness. Others say the color pink leaves out men, who can also develop breast cancer.

“While the majority of people believe that Breast Cancer is a pink ribbon, a pink Pom Pom, a pen with a pink ribbon, a tote with a pink ribbon, an encap at your local Walmart engaging you to be a ‘part of the cure,’” Tracie Marie, a breast cancer survivor, wrote in a viral Instagram post. “First, a hard reality, you are not being part of the cure, you’re just throwing your money away to propaganda, uniforms for NFL cheerleaders, and kiosk after kiosk with items from handbags to ziplock bags. It’s all a hoax. They are not trying to fight the cure. Most of their funding goes to advertisement, 6 figure CEO salaries.”

This isn’t the first time Reynolds donned his Deadpool suit in the name of cancer. In 2016, Reynolds dressed as Deadpool to raise testicular cancer awareness and explain how men can check their testicles for lumps at home. The video was done in collaboration with Ballboys, a U.K. charity that aims to educate people about testicular cancer.

Correction (April 6, 2018): A previous version of this article incorrectly stated the origin of “pinkwashing.” The term was first meant to describe a company or organization that promotes pink ribbon products, but also produces, manufactures or sells products that are linked to breast cancer.

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