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When Winter Turns Into Spring and You Have a Chronic Illness

Each season brings new challenges for us warriors. The weather is changing into spring again. I wonder how my body will adjust to the changing climate. It’s very awkward to see the sunshine bringing joy to everyone around. It warms my body and helps my muscles move. However, it brings with it some panic and dismay to know that the sun will be shining all day long.

Will I be able to hide myself enough to stop migraines and throbbing sensations in my head, yet still receive enough sunshine to feel warm and comfortable? It is a balance that I have yet to master.

It’s too hot to wear too much when the weather starts to be sunny. Yet, I can’t let the sun do damage to my skin as that would cause an unbelievable amount of pain. I would be in a flare for the next three days.

The seasonal sun brings flowers, which I will inevitably have allergies too, making my whole face itchy, red, and dry. But flowers are beautiful and help me to really appreciate nature and spring time. It’s really all a big conundrum.

I enjoy being in the sun, yet the light hurts my eyes and too much of even indirect sunlight can cause a migraine with auras – and those usually lead to vomiting, or at least severe nausea.

The weather leaves me perplexed as to what clothing to wear. Too much and I will have to quit my day halfway through. Yet, to little and I feel like I am made of ice. Then there is the thought of what will people think of me when I wear a hood all day so my eyes don’t hurt. Wearing sunglasses around all day, even when indoors, makes one appear strange and distant.

I can’t appear that way when I am at my job – my boss would think it strange and not accept the appropriate changes that I need to make body comfortable because I work in customer service. I need to appear happy and friendly and I need to set a good example for the staff and fellow employees. That’s hard to do when you are wearing a hood and sunglasses indoors until 6 p.m. because you need to hide from the sun to avoid activating your symptoms. People just won’t understand, and the last thing I want to have to do is bring attention to my medical issues to every customer I meet. Half of them I will likely never see again as a good portion of my customers are traveling to and fro.

I do enjoy the spring, though, and love to try to enjoy it as much as I can. Hopefully this season will bring everyone much joy and ease of mobility. Make sure you have things prepared and stay hydrated.

Getty Image by  Panacea_Doll