What My Mother Never Told Me About Raising My Child

My mother gave me a lot of wisdom over the years. She experienced life first-hand and she often knew how to handle situations when they arised.

She told me when you get pregnant, the labor pains are the most excruciating pains you will ever experience. She told me the pain will fade, but you never forget it. It’s through the labor pains that you appreciate your child even more. It’s a labor of love. You’ll feel joy over little things, your child’s first smile, when he rolls over and when he says, “Mom.”

But my mother never told me how fiercely protective I would become and that I would want to retaliate when another child is being mean to my son.

My mother never told me about the endless nights I will lie awake when my son is sick, hoping I’m doing everything right.

My mother never told me about the pure joy that I will feel when I hear my son say, “I love you, mom.”

My mother never told me about the sheer terror that I will feel when there is something wrong with my son.

My mother never told me about the sadness and the excitement I would feel when my son went to school for the first time, and let’s not forget the heartbreak I felt when he cried out for me to take him home with me.

My mother never told me about the guilt I would feel for losing my patience or feeling frustrated when there’s nothing I can do to help my son.

My mother never told me how hard it is to see your child hurting, knowing there are many more heartaches to come.

My mother never told me I would lie awake at night looking back on the things I’ve done, hoping that I’m doing right by my son.

My mother never told me that despite being told that I am a great mother, those doubts are always there.

My mother never told me how fast life slips by, and that you look back and wonder where the time went.

My mother never told me how hard it would be to see my child grow up and slowly pull away because they are growing into an adult, yet still feeling a sense of pride.

My mother never told me the depth of love she had for me. It wasn’t until I had my son that I could appreciate her sacrifices.

You see, it’s those things she didn’t tell me that make me appreciate my mother even more. Being a mother is definitely the hardest job in the world, but it is also the best job I will ever have. When I look at my son, I see unconditional love. A love that is so pure, you wonder how you ever lived without it.

And my mother never told me how hard it would be to live without her.

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