Netflix Cancels '13 Reasons Why' Premiere After Texas School Shooting

Editor's Note

Editor’s note: This post contains potential spoilers for seasons one and two of “13 Reasons Why.”

Netflix has canceled its premiere for “13 Reasons Why” following a school shooting at Santa Fe High School in Texas on Friday. At least 10 people were killed and another 10 were wounded by a gunman who was a student at the school.

“Our hearts are with the victims of the Santa Fe High School shooting, and with all victims of gun violence. In light of today’s tragedy, we are canceling the ’13 Reasons Why’ S2 premiere event tonight,” Netflix announced in a statement.

Though the plot of “13 Reasons Why” is not centered around gun violence, a gun is purchased by a student in season one and the threat of a school shooting is introduced in season two.

All 13 episodes of “13 Reasons Why” season two aired early Friday morning. Though its Los Angeles launch party and red carpet premiere have been canceled, the second season is still currently available on Netflix.

Because of “13 Reasons Why’s” focus on mental health, The Mighty is reviewing all 13 episodes and discussing what they mean for the mental health community. You can follow along with those reviews here

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