How Much Effort Am I Supposed to Put Into Trying to Improve My Health?

I’ve been working through my latest lab results, and how I’m feeling, and re-reading a book about autoimmune disease and health that I read before… and I feel myself going back into research mode.

I really don’t know that I have a choice in the sense that while I’m back on the thyroid medication I prefer, finally, after a full year of dealing with different medications in an effort to chase away premature ventricular contractions, I don’t feel as well as I was hoping and expecting to. The PVCs were horrible when they started last April, keeping me up all night many nights. So I had to go off thyroid medication altogether for a while, which caused me to gain some weight. I had to get my iron levels up high enough to ward off the PVCs, and the process plain took longer than I wanted.

So, here I am, supposedly back where I was two years ago. Only I’m not.

I have a few other issues I didn’t have then and the medication doesn’t seem to be doing what it was then.

So what do I do?

Back to the drawing board. Is there a different medication I could take? How can I help my digestion? Should I change my diet? Drop the fish oil? Change the type of magnesium? Change the B complex? Would a sleep study be beneficial? Something else to support the adrenals?

There are quite a few questions, but the main one is this.

How much effort am I supposed to put into trying for better health?

Would it be better to stop spending valuable time reading and researching and live my life as it is, with the understanding that I will continue to be tired, variable, unable to participate in all the things around me that need my attention? On the other hand, I am that way already, because things that I try then lead to other problems many times. There seem to be no guaranteed positive outcomes.

I get drawn into the complexities, and sometimes I find myself thinking about nothing else throughout the day but my recurring questions about the health strategies I’ve been reading about. Then I ask myself, what kind of life is that?

Maybe I should just give it up, accept how I am doing for how I am doing, and make the best of it.

But those who know me well know I am not the kind of person who gives up when faced with an obstacle. Hermione-like, I turn to the library of information in an effort to find a solution.

I just don’t want to spend most of my life trying to fix my life.

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