If Your Illness Causes Facial Flushing, These 13 Memes Are for You

Most people might experience facial flushing as a result of emotions, temperature, exercise or alcohol. But facial flushing can also be a symptom of some chronic conditions, or even a side effect of medication. When it happens, your cheeks, face or neck may become red and hot due to increased blood flow to the area. Although flushing is not always painful, it can be uncomfortable and cause you to feel overheated. In some cases, it can even make social interactions a bit awkward when people don’t understand why you’re so red and make false assumptions.

Facial flushing is nothing to be embarrassed about, but if you struggle with physical and/or social discomfort because of it, know you’re not alone. If laughing with other chronic warriors who “get it” helps you cope, you may enjoy the following memes.

1. When you feel a flare-up coming on:

monkey with a red face looking nervous
via free4kwallpaper.com

2. When people see your red cheeks and assume you’re blushing:

channing tatum saying 'shut up! I'm not blushing'
via Tenor

3. When you touch your cheeks while they’re flushed:

person's hand touching a red hot electric stove
via yisoonshin.com

4. When your face feels like it’s burning but you’re used to it:

cartoon man laughing with fire around his head
via enderpartylord Tumblr

5. When people tell you you’re wearing too much blush:

angry frog with red filter over the image
via @versaillestyIes Twitter

6. When you’re always way hotter than everyone around you:

woman lying on icy porch step and man saying "c'mon, you gotta have one more hot flash in you. that third step is still icy"
via @supportforspoonies Instagram

7. When people like to point out the color of your face:

I love when I turn bright red and everyone around me feels the need to tell me... as if I can't feel the heat radiating off my face!
via makeameme.org

8. When you’re constantly fanning your face to try and cool it down:

james mcavoy fanning himself with papers
via Giphy

9. When you feel your face starting to turn red:

cartoon man sweating and holding a towel to his head
via knowyourmeme.com

10. When someone asks why you’re embarrassed:

man with red face and steam coming out his ears
via knowyourmeme.com

11. When you decide to get rid of all the blush you’ll never need:

man throwing trash into wilderness
via @mcstrollo Twitter

12. When your face is beet red and burning but you’re trying to smile through it:

beet red soup with white smiley face of cream
via @mycookingexperiments Instagram

13. When no one has to know when you’re actually blushing because your face is always red:

bashful the dwarf from snow white blushing
via Disney Wiki


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