The Importance of Thanking Your Body, Even If You're Chronically Ill

I am pretty open-minded to my healing. I will try pretty much anything these days in an attempt to feel like my old self.

This week, I had a true test.

It was recommended to me that I start to “talk” to my individual body parts.

Yes. I am serious.

Feel free to scoff.

So being the good student that I am, I woke up yesterday and thanked my heart for beating another day.

I thanked my liver for detoxing my body.

I thanked my eyes for seeing my boys sit at the breakfast table and fight over who had the biggest waffle.

I thanked my legs for carrying me through life.

Then I listened to my body to see if it responded.

And it did!

Again, yes, I am serious.

My body felt lighter. It was warm – not too hot. And it felt appreciated.

My body felt loved.

The mind and body connection is often dismissed in western medicine. It is through my journey “off the beaten path” that I am finding my strength, humor, wisdom and even power.

Have you thanked your heart today?

Getty Image by yourtimetoshine

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