Why Good Doctors Are Essential in My Life With Cerebral Palsy and Chronic Pain

I was always afraid of going to the doctor as a kid. Doctors’ offices are sterile-smelling places that are associated with shots and being unwell. Who would want to go there? Not me, or so I thought.

Jump about 32 years into the future, and I actually look forward to my appointments. As someone with cerebral palsy who struggles with knee tendonitis, hip osteoarthritis, hip dysplasia, and chronic back pain, a visit to the doctor means an opportunity to update them on my life, express my discomfort, and obtain the medicines I need. Furthermore, it is an opportunity to go somewhere where although I am not completely and fully understood, I am empathized with. I cannot expect my doctors to completely understand where I am coming from because they do not have my same issues. However, they are knowledgeable enough to try to understand in a limited way.

I will be honest and say I never imagined I would be so dependent on doctors at a relatively young age, but I do have a medical and neurological condition, so medical attention is required. For some reason for so many years, I was naïve and assumed that doctors were for old people and the frail. I had some struggles when I was first introduced to Medicaid because of lackluster doctors who were clearly in the business for the paycheck. When I was younger and in my teens, my muscles and joints were in better shape, too, thankfully so I did not have to visit the doctor as frequently as I do now. This thankfully meant I did not have to put up with the money-hungry vibe I felt with my first couple of doctors.

However, when my pain issues began surfacing, I made the decision to begin my new doctor search, and I am so grateful I did. Living with chronic pain conditions can weigh on your mind like lead. It takes a special person to handle your issues and attempt to put themselves in your place. My doctors know my conditions won’t go away, but they make sure they can provide for me with medications and appropriate treatment methods. It is hard and frustrating to know your body and temple is falling apart. However, good and specially trained doctors can help make that journey more comfortable and easy. I am so grateful for doctors who look after the well-being and life of their patients.

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