To the Mom of a Disabled Child This Mother’s Day

Dear Mom,

Today, we celebrate you; we celebrate everything you do and everything you are.

You are my biggest advocate and you have taken on the mission of helping me regain control of my body.

You know me better than I know myself. You sense when I am in pain, when I need help and when I feel like giving up.

You make the impossible happen. You are skilled at convincing the receptionist to squeeze me into the doctor’s busy schedule.

You gladly accept the reclining chair as your bed to get me through another hospitalization.

You have become a expert researcher in hopes of figuring out the unknowns. Your internet searches are compiled of new treatments and the best doctors.

You spend the day in bed with me so I don’t have to be alone.

You support every one of my dreams, even when I start to give up on them.

You bring comfort as we mourn my past and excitement as we envision my future.

You have become a nurse as you have gained responsibilities that include taking out stitches and administering medication.

You understand my frustration better than anybody. This isn’t how you pictured my life turning out, either.

You let me feel sorry for myself when I need to, but you are first to remind me of life’s silver linings.

You are the best at making me laugh; you find a way to bring humor to almost any situation.

You never complain about the challenges of motherhood, even though I know it is not easy.

You encourage me to do what I can and you help me out with what I can’t.

You ensure a life I am able to be proud of despite not being on a “normal” trajectory.

You always parent me like a “normal” child, which has shown me how I want to be treated as a member of society.

You manage to maintain a healthy household. Sitting down for dinner as a family was never out of the question.

You always find time to make each family member feel special, like baking Dad’s favorite pie.

You taught me how to fight for myself but that it is also OK to lean on others.

You formed a family of strength and compassion. I never need to be too afraid because I know my family will be by my side.

You always tell me it is going to be OK, and I always believe you.

You are my role model, my superhero and my best friend.

You are the most incredible mother.

Happy Mother’s Day!

To the moon and back,

Your biggest fan

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