When People Find Out I Have Epilepsy and Anxiety

Since my diagnoses of epilepsy and panic disorder / anxiety my life has changed in every aspect — more than I ever thought possible.

Let me start with the easier of the two, my epilepsy. Finding out I have epilepsy has made people treat me differently, talk to me differently, and just simply not be themselves around me. People who don’t take the time to simply ask about epilepsy can be the meanest of all. In the beginning, this really hurt me. Now I’ve learned that if people really want to be my friend and know me, they will take time to ask me questions.

Now, my anxiety. Almost everyone I’ve come across believes anxiety is not really a illness. Let me tell everyone out there who struggles with any form of anxiety, it is real! At first my own “friends” had me believing I wasn’t really having problems. Then I finally talked to my doctor. She explained that anxiety is becoming more and more of a health issue. It’s a very serious problem and should be treated immediately.

Needless to say, I found a whole new group of friends. People who don’t judge me and who make me feel safe and actually wanted — the way true friends should make you feel. I may not have a ton of friends; I can count my friends on one hand, but at least they are true friends.

Getty image by Milkos.

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