What Happened When I Went to See a Shaman for My Chronic Illness

In this journey with chronic illness, I find myself, like many of us, looking for anything that will help me. I am constantly looking for a new supplement, an innovative treatment or diet proven to decrease my symptoms.

Sometimes this journey takes me off the beaten path and for me, yesterday was one of those days.

I went to see a Shaman for a reiki treatment. And it was amazing.

She could identify areas of my body that were in pain without me telling her and she did a “cleanse” for me as well.

Channeling our ancestors, she asked that they care for me in my recovery.

My mother, who passed five years ago, came through as well and displayed her sense of humor.

While the treatment has not cured me of my illness, it has brought me several gifts.

1. Validation that I am sick.

2. Comfort in knowing my ancestors are watching over me.

3. Hope that I will get better.

4. Opportunity to focus on the positive.

5. Knowing my mom is still with me.

My biggest takeaway from this particular path is to remain open-minded. To be open-minded in your treatment, your well-being, the company you can keep and your body.

Getty Image by NikkiZalewski

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