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15 Memes That Perfectly Describe Summer Parenting

Summer break is almost here. For some, it means sleeping in, no alarm clocks and a flexible schedule. Yet for some of us parents, it means a lack of routine and structure, which often can result in unmanageable chaos.

If you are like me, I tend to have great intentions during summer break: we will do crafts, go out more and limit screen time. But a few days in and kids get “bored.” Also, why is it that kids only sleep in when they have to get up early, and they get up at the wee hours of the morning when they should be sleeping in?

In honor of all parents getting ready to tackle this summer break, these memes are for you:




You are surrounded by toys. Are you not entertained?
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when you hear your kids wake up in the morning... so it begins
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when you're like whatever, yes, you can ride a tortoise while holding a hotdog on a stick. Just leave me alone.
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every mom during summer: 9 am, life is glorious! 4 pm what? Even the clocks are against me!
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summer day 1" we'll sing, we'll play, maybe do a little DIY thing withe the curtains. Summer day 67, just go watch TV, all the TV
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yesterday was the last day of school. The kids have already completed 56 activities I had planned to keep them busy the entire summer.
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So long Mother’s Day, back to reality.

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Am I right!?! ???? . . WWW.ONTRENDKIDZ.COM

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Regardless of how your summer goes, remember this:

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