A&E Announces 'Born This Way' Season 4

A&E’s hit show “Born This Way,” which follows the lives of people with Down syndrome, will premiere its fourth season on August 15. The network released a  trailer for the upcoming season on Monday.

Like other seasons, the fourth explores the evolving relationships cast members have with their parents as they gain more independence. The trailer shows Cristina Sanz dress shopping for her wedding to Angel Callahan as well as other significant life events like learning to drive and budding romances.

“Born This Way” was nominated for six awards and won two — outstanding casting and outstanding cinematography for a reality program — at last year’s Emmys.

“Born This Way” will air back-to-back episodes each Wednesday starting at 8 p.m. eastern time. The season will be four weeks long, ending on September 5.

Photo courtesy of A&E

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