To the Doctors Who Didn't Believe Me

To the doctors who didn’t believe me,

I wish you listened the first time. If you had, then maybe I wouldn’t have needed to endure so many tests and procedures. Maybe it would not have taken seeing over 16 of you to reach a definitive diagnosis.

I hope you remember me. I hope you remember that just because someone’s pain does not have an easy explanation does not mean it is nonexistent. Although psychosomatic pain is real, it is not always the cause of a woman’s pain.

I came to you for help while my physical body and soul were crumbling, losing more and more pieces each passing day.

I was desperate.

I knew inside my body there was something terribly wrong.

Since the test you performed was negative, you did not seem concerned, and chose to dismiss me.

I hope you will keep my story in mind next time you have a complex case. I hope no one else will not have to endure such judgment, rudeness, and dismissive attitudes while desperately seeking answers.

Rare does not mean impossible.

Young age is not a protective force field from chronic conditions.

I have complex regional pain syndrome, an incurable rare disease. And it is real.

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