The 15 'Realest' Memes About Mental Health Recovery

Mental health recovery is hard. When you’re struggling to get out of bed because of depression, or when you’re so anxious at work you can’t get anything done, it can feel too overwhelming to even think about “recovering.” If you’ve ever felt this way, you’re not alone.

Because we know how difficult — and at times, isolating — recovery can be, we pulled together some of the “realest” memes that get to the heart of what it’s actually like to recover.

You’re doing great, warrior. Here are some memes you might relate to if you are in mental health recovery: 

1. Rolling up to therapy like…

me carrying around my emotional baggage meme
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2. When mental illness is physically draining…

been asleep for ages meme
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3. Canceling plans like a pro…

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4. #ThatFeelWhen you start building a tolerance to your meds…

make my antidepressants work again meme
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5. Tryna have a social life like…

u got anxiety too or no? meme
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6. When you’re finally comfortable with your therapist…

therapist: so what's stressing you out lately? Me: Everything (meme)
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7. When recovery makes you authentic AF…

I'm pretty cool but I cry a lot meme
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8. …And maybe too authentic sometimes? Boundaries are hard, y’all.

9. Coping skill (singular) on fleek…

Sad? go to target. Happy? go to target. Mad? go to target. Bored? Go to target
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10. When you’re skeptical of things going well recovery-wise, so you panic…

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11. When you’re doing all you can to recover, but you still have tough days…

it's times like this that I really feel like shutting down meme
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11. But you’re learning to reframe and focus on the small things that give you joy…

my life is falling apart but at least I have some rad socks
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13. When you realize anxiety might always be there, but it doesn’t rule you…

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14. And you can rest (relatively) easy knowing this too shall pass…

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15. When you know that no matter what mental illness throws your way, you are still rocking it!

whether I'm feeling hashtag blessed or hashtag stressed, I'm always looking my hashtag best meme
via @mental.health_memes Instagram

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