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President Trump Calls Robert De Niro a 'Very Low IQ Individual' in Tweet

Update: The tweet was deleted from Trump’s Twitter account.

On Tuesday, President Trump tweeted that actor Robert De Niro is a “very low IQ individual,” who has taken “to [sic] many shots to the head.”

Screenshot of Trump's tweet

On Sunday, De Niro was bleeped out at the Tony Awards for saying “F— Trump” while introducing Bruce Springsteen.

This isn’t the first insult Trump has made at the expense of people with disabilities. In March, Trump used low IQ as an insult to describe California representative Maxine Waters. In 2015, he tweeted asking why the Washington Post hires “low IQ people.”

During his presidential campaign, Trump mocked New York Times reporter, Serge Kovaleski, who has arthrogryposis, a joint condition that limits mobility. Trump flailed his arms to imitate Koveleski. In April, Trump said the Paralympics were “tough to watch” and he watched as much as he could handle.

Photo via United States Government/Twitter