14 Memes That Will Make You LOL If Your Body Is Just a Mess

When you develop a chronic illness (or several), clearly something has gone very wrong in your body. These illnesses are serious and lifelong (hence the term “chronic”), and generally require a great deal of medical attention, management and care – which is to say they should not be taken lightly, or brushed off as “no big deal.”

But when your body behaves in a way that is so off-target, so far from the way a human body is “supposed” to behave, sometimes you can’t help but laugh and wonder, What the hell, body? If your body got its signals crossed somewhere along the line and doesn’t exactly function the way it should, you may relate to the following memes.


me: *walks into hospital* I'd like to return myself. doctor: you can't. me: I have the receipt. *hands birth certificate* doctor: erm....
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my body whenever i do anything like, you know, eat: the revolution has begun
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*demon tries to inhabit my body* demon: ouch, no thank you
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it is just a matter of time before they add the word "syndrome" after my last name
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me: yay my body is actually feeling better" my body: *cracks knuckles*
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"yes hello. I'd like a refund on my body. it's kinda defective and really expensive"
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when I see someone with a fully functioning body: I've always wanted one of those
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me: can you please make my life not hell for one day? my body: *screams*
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*donates my body to science* science: no thank you
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meanwhile in my body: explosion
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people: you don't look sick. me: I know. I look fabulous. people: .... me: but for real my body is fucked up on the inside.
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me about me: cool concept, poor execution
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me and my body arguing: why can't you just be normal? *screaming*
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if my body could quit breaking, that'd be great
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