16 Times 'Seinfeld' Perfectly Described Life With Chronic Illness

Even though “Seinfeld” is called the show about nothing, every fan knows there’s a perfect Seinfeld quote for every occasion. Elaine, Jerry, George and Kramer may not have had any chronic illnesses themselves (those dog pills did end up curing Kramer’s cough, right?), but there are still so many moments throughout the show’s nine seasons that pretty brilliantly describe the everyday annoyances and “wins” of chronic illness life. Oh, by the way, be sure to remember your grievances for Festivus this year!

So grab your Junior Mints and custom-made mattress from the Lumbar Yard, and check out these 16 Seinfeld moments that perfectly describe life with chronic illness. If you’re reading this under your desk, we won’t judge.


1. When people keep trying to give you medical advice:

Antisocial Elaine Benes GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

2. What you fantasize about saying to your doctors:

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3. When your new treatment plan starts working and you actually feel better:

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4. When someone says, “Come on, one bite won’t hurt!” but it definitely will:

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5. When you’ve been on hold with your doctor’s office forever:

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6. When you get a strange symptom you’ve never felt before:

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7. When your friends want you to go out but you’re not feeling up for socializing:

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8. When people think you’re “contagious” but you’re definitely not:

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9. When your illness means you can’t work and live at home, but everyone always asks, “So what do you do?”

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10. When the receptionist mispronounces your name:

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11. When your doctor doesn’t really seem to be hearing you at all:

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12. When you want to just embrace your comfy clothes as your full-time wardrobe:

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13. When your treatment is approved by insurance:

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14. When you meet a doctor who actually listens to you:

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15. When the prednisone energy burst kicks in:

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16. When you have to celebrate how awesome you are for getting through each day with chronic illness:

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