Why Parents of Medically Complex Kids Are Strong

I often hear parents of medically complex kids or kids with medical conditions say they’re not strong. But you are. You’re stronger than you know.

I know you don’t feel strong when you have to help hold your child down for their fifth blood draw of the month, but you are.

I know you don’t feel strong when your child gets admitted for the third time in just a few months, but you are.

I know you don’t feel strong when you get bad news on top of bad news, but you are.

I know you don’t feel strong when yet again another specialist is added to your child’s care team, but you are.

I know you don’t feel strong when you find out that your child has to have surgery again, but you are.

I know how it feels to think you’re not strong because you have a sick child. But I also know you are strong.

You’re strong because you do it. You take your child to these appointments and procedures. You’re in the hospital with your child when they’re admitted.

You get through it, no matter how tough it is. No matter how much you want to break down and cry. No matter what happens, you’re there, because of your unconditional love for your child, because you know it’s best for them.

That’s what makes you strong.

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