Stand Up Comedian With Tourette Syndrome Samuel Comroe Makes It to the Finale of 'America's Got Talent'

On Wednesday night, “America’s Got Talent” will pick its season 13 winner. One of the finalists, stand up comedian Samuel Comroe, has Tourette syndrome, which influences much of his performances.

Comroe, a Los Angeles native, auditioned for the variety talent show in June with a performance about his twitches and how they make him look like he’s always trying to tell someone a secret. Comroe said his twitches are primarily blinking really fast and his head “flopping around.”

Watch his full audition below:

Comroe is one of 10 finalists. The winner will receive $1 million and an opportunity to headline a Las Vegas show. Other acts include singers, acrobats, an electric violinist and other comedians.

On Tuesday, Comroe gave his last performance on the show. His bit revolved around how he hates rude people. He told a story about a man who questioned his Tourette’s because he wasn’t blurting out curse words. Comroe let him know the truth:

I was like, ‘That’s not how Tourette’s works, bruh. Only 10 percent of people with Tourette’s have that kind. Most people have what I have to a different extreme, so when I curse you out, it’s from the heart.

If Comroe wins, he’ll be the first stand up comedian in the show’s history to claim the title.

Watch his last performance here:

In addition to educating viewers about Tourette syndrome, Comroe has won over many of the show’s fans.

Voting is now closed, but you can catch the results during the show’s two-hour finale on NBC at 8 p.m. ET Wednesday.

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