15 Memes That Nail What It's Like to Be in Pain 24/7

When you have chronic pain, the intensity and location of the pain may vary day to day, but often, truly pain-free days are rare – if they even exist at all.

This can be difficult for healthy friends and family members to understand. Those who don’t have constant, 24/7 pain can’t really grasp what it’s like unless they have experienced it themselves.

While living with never-ending pain is certainly a unique challenge that presents a wide range of physical and emotional difficulties, sometimes, one of the best ways to cope is with a little humor. If connecting with others through laughter is one of the tools you use to navigate life with chronic pain, you may enjoy the following memes.


I'm not always in pain, but when I am, it's because I'm awake
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my chronic pain disorder after I take a painkiller: image of man wearing dark costume and holding up a sign that says 'you can run but you can't hide'
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my life if I received a dollar every time I was in pain: photo of tons of coins spilling into basket
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me: doctor, it hurts when I go like this. doctor: you're not doing anything. you're just sitting there being alive. me: exactly.
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pain free days!? I've heard of this. is this like that unicorn thing?
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having a chronic illness, more like wakey wakey achey achey
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"is your pain better?" clears throat: no.
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comic of doctor talking to patient. doctor says, "let's start over. where doesn't it hurt?"
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when the people in your life still don't understand the "chronic" part of chronic illness: I can't believe it's not better!
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you know you suffer chronic pain when you are happy to be at a 5 on the pain scale
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person: you're STILL sick? me: I have a chronic illness. chronically ill am I. my illness is chronic. I experience my illness in a chronic fashion. chronically. i will experience illness. chronic. illness.
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friend: why are you so exhausted? me: well I've been existing all day
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me: *wakes up* my brain: god help us all.
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when someone asks how I'm doing: existence is pain
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not sure if I'm feeling better or just getting used to being sick
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